One more question. Seems to me thre are serious risks for a company that sells an app that encourages people to focus on something other than the road or surrounding environment when driving. Even talk requires concentration. why doesnt your app suggest to users they should be focused on driving when driving, not thinking about other things.

Thank you for asking this very important question. Here is our perspective.

There are two approaches. The first is ad campaigns and government regulations to prevent drivers from staying connected while driving, and the data shows that these campaigns have been ineffective as smartphone use while driving is on the rise. Let's look at the statistics - Last year, in the first six months of 2016, 17,775 people died on US roads, up by 10.5% over the same period in 2015; the highest increase in 50 years. In 2015, the increase was over 10%. Clearly, something is not working.

Another approach is to acknowledge the problem, and provide an alternative approach that truly saves lives. We acknowledge that our companies expect round the clock email responses — urgent messages can mean the difference between a deal going through or going sour. And our loved ones rely on the ability to reach us at all times. One of our customers is a mother of three. She told us that she has a pile of work emails to catch up in her 1 hour drive each way and she is stressed and sometimes has to constantly be on the phone to check on her young children while falling behind on the barrage of work email. She wants a viable solution. That is the reality. We do not like it but we will not judge the mom.

We provide that mother the safest possible alternative to stay connected -- eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and distraction as low as listening to radio -- the only legally approved form of distraction. We truly believe we are the only viable alternative to solve this epidemic.

When windshield wipers first came out, they were banned. Why would you want to go out and drive when it is raining? Why would you have a high-speed moving object right in front of your eyes? History proves otherwise.

As entrepreneurs and investors, we experiment with alternatives backed by true rigor to solve persistent problems. We are not here to make a quick buck. We want to find a solution.