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Eyes on the Road

Did you have a close call handling your Smartphone while driving? Every second, there are 660,000 drivers handling cellphones while driving. O6 ends that. With O6, you can control apps without looking at or touching your phone. Turns reading in apps into radio stations.


The O6 Story


Life is happening

So don't miss a minute of it. With O6, you spend less time staring at screens, and more time engaging with the world around you. 

O6 is an entirely new way to stay connected to your phone without looking at or touching the screen. O6 connects seamlessly via Bluetooth to any smart phone, allowing users to use touch, voice, and gestures to control any app and listen and respond to messages (texts, emails), phone calls, social posts, and more at your own pace and in real-time when driving, exercising or even walking.


Your device, your way

The O6 product line includes a selection of easily interchangeable accessories.

Accessories include a magnetic steering wheel mount, a suede-brown or white wrist band, and a clip mount.