O6 Remote Controls for Camera

The O6 device, in conjunction with your iPhone O6 Camera App, gives you unprecedented remote control of your iPhone camera, opening up a whole new world of creativity to take your iPhone photos to the next level.

The O6 remote camera control enables you to REMOTELY:

  • Take pictures or start or stop videos
  • Zoom in and out in photo or video modes
  • Switch between Front-facing and Back-facing camera
  • Switch quickly between photo and video modes
  • Adjust exposure or brightness
  • Lock focus and exposure
  • Take burst mode pictures
  • Turn Flash Off and On

    5 Tips to Take Great Pictures with O6

    The advanced features of the O6 Camera functions --  the first of its kind in the world -- provides you with DSLR-like controls for your iPhone. You can now use O6 to eliminate camera shake for sharper pictures, take candid group photos, and capture images from perspectives and angles normally left unseen.


    1. Sharper Images

    The key to a sharp picture is to reduce camera shake. Touching the screen to take a picture not only causes camera shake resulting in fuzzy pictures, but might accidentally also change the focus or exposure.

    You can also place your iPhone on an iPhone tripod (our favorite tripod Gorilla Pod), or using an attachment like a ring (our favorite iRing), or simply lean it against an object such as a wall or rock to further reduce camera shake. Now, you have already taken the first step with O6 to a vastly improved photo.

    Two people laughing.jpg

    2. Candid Pictures

    Do you become stiff when someone points a camera at you?

    The key to capturing great moments is to keep it candid. Place the iPhone at a convenient spot, and then begin taking pictures from far away - waiting for the perfect moment, or even taking a burst mode series. This allows you to take great candid shots as people behave in a natural setting. Yes, O6 can help you take great selfies. Not only can you take remote pictures, but you can fine-tune your picture by adjusting zoom, exposure, switch shoot modes, and more to get the perfect selfie or family shot!


    3. Great Angles and Perspectives

    One secret to take very interesting pictures of common scenes is to take the picture from an angle or perspective that is not commonly observable to humans. For example, taking pictures from the waist level or eye level is not interesting as everyone does that. But if you were to take a picture of the same scene with the camera placed closed to the ground, or with the camera pointing up into the sky, or from a spot that is uncommon to the eye level, you go from basic Instagram to National Geographic.

    Place your iPhone at the ground level or lean it against a rock (securely), and conveniently take pictures using O6 without hunching and leaning down, and also without getting in the way.

    4. Capture Your Favorite Moment While Driving

    When you’re winding up a perilous coastal road or climbing a mountain, it can be difficult if not impossible to pause and capture the perfect sunset you see before you. The O6 Camera App lets you log those priceless moments in your camera roll, without taking your eyes off the road.

    5. Get Out From Behind the Camera

    Most importantly, don't be behind the camera all the time to take great pictures. You can have your cake and eat it too. You can set your camera, and then take a quick glance to conveniently adjust your photo settings and discreetly take pictures with a simple click of a button!