Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I connect my O6 to the iPhone?

O6 connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth. After charging O6, please press any button on O6 and O6 will show up as "Pair with O6" under Bluetooth Setting. Tap on the prompt "Pair with O6" to connect and you are all set.

2. Does O6 support Android?

O6 currently only supports only iOS (eg iPhone, iPad, iPod) devices. Android is still in the works so please stay tuned.

3. Why does O6 app ask access to my emails and other personal information?

The O6 app will sign in directly to your email provider and Twitter account. Your username, email address, password and messages are sent directly from Google and Twitter to your phone. We never see any of it.

Privacy and security are a top priority for us. Please read our detailed privacy and security policy here:

4. What languages does O6 support?

O6 currently supports 27 languages.

The supported languages are as follows: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish.

5. How is O6 different from Apple Siri or other Voice Command Systems?

The primary purpose of O6 is not to quickly answer questions or set timers. It is to do with the complex interactions and browsing that we now do every single day with our phones. On average, iPhone users open their phones 80 times a day. This is not generally to look up specific questions or set a timer. We open our phones to check-in, on email or social media. This is the problem O6 solves. O6 is far more reliable, interactive, and usable than Voice Command Systems can ever be.

6. Does O6 have a speaker?

No, the O6 does not have a speaker. The O6 app streams audio via Bluetooth to Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth earbuds, and car audio systems.

7. What is the Battery Life on the O6?

O6 typically lasts 5-7 days on normal use.

8. Where can I use O6?

You can use O6 while driving, outdoors or while walking or running, or at home.

9. How is O6 eyes free when the video shows the app while driving?

We show the app in the video to demonstrate the connection between the O6 device and the app. In practice, we expect the driver to use the app without looking because of speech feedback. The app works in the background and even when the phone is locked.

10. Why the name O6?

Operating System is abbreviated as OS. O6 is a new operating system that intends to be your 6th sense Operating System, hence the name O6. O6 does not need any visual attention or speech to operate. Our technology uses sophisticated algorithms to provide a seamless, discreet experience.

11. How many O6 devices can I connect to one iPhone?

Up to two O6 devices can connect to one iPhone without observing any degradation of audio streaming over Bluetooth, but you can simultaneously connect more. We have connected up to ten O6’s to an iPhone without problems.

12. My question is not answered here. Where can I write to get my question answered?

You can reach us at if you have a question.