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Handsfree Reinvented

An elegant "eyes-free" Bluetooth smart remote that lets you control music, answer calls, listen to texts and notifications, take pictures and more – without touching your phone

  • O6 recognized for outstanding design and engineering!

  • Exceeded Kickstarter Goal

  • More natural than trying to have a conversation with Siri

  • Useful when jogging or on the train

  • O6 addresses the common risks of distracted driving

  • Use Mobile apps without looking at or touching the screen

  • The hardware is deceptive in its simplicity and size

Eyes on the Road and Hands on the Wheel

O6 helps you control music, answer calls, and stay on top of all inbound emails, texts, and notifications while you focus on driving.

O6 in Best Buy!

O6 is now available in Best Buy. Get yours now here!

A Better Alternative to Bluetooth Handsfree

O6 companion app uses Artificial Intelligence to turn the stuff you love to read in apps into radio stations. O6 app streams audio via Bluetooth or USB to your car speakers.

Remotely Control Music

Use O6 to also control Spotify, Sonos, Pandora, Apple Music, Podcasts and more without touching your screen. Even more, O6 announces incoming Text messages, Facebook messages, Emails and Notifications while you are listening to Music or Podcasts.

Your Life Remote

Use O6 to remotely take pictures or start videos, zoom in and out, remotely lock focus, adjust exposure and more to take stunning group or landscape photos.

Take Control

Use O6's patent-pending rotary dial with speech feedback to remotely control everything on your phone, eyes free.