Using O6 with the O6 App

You can use O6 to navigate and perform the following tasks in the O6 App:

  • Select a channel – Press the Center button to select a channel (e.g., email, Twitter, NPR One). 

  • Toggle Play/Pause – Within a channel, press the Center button to Play/Pause. 

  • Go to the next track – Rotate the dial clockwise to go to the next track. 

  • Go to the previous track – Rotate the dial counter-clockwise to go to the previous track. 

  • Bring up the Actions menu – Within a channel, double-click the Center button to bring up the Actions menu. 

  • Go back to the Main menu or exit the Actions menu – Press the Ring button to go back to the Main menu or to exit the Actions menu to resume content playback.

Please check out the O6 App section to learn more.

Tip: The O6 App runs in the background, even when the phone is locked. With a little practice, you can use O6 without looking at your phone!