O6 Accessories

O6 accessories are sold separately at o6app.com. New accessories will be added over time, so please check o6app.com to stay updated. 

There are two optional accessories currently available:

  • The Steering Wheel Mount 

  • The Clip Mount

Note that your O6 only fits into the Steering Wheel Mount and the Pocket Clip when it is correctly aligned and in the correct orientation. Instructions on how to do this follow below.

Steering Wheel Mount

To fit your O6 on your Steering Wheel Mount:

  1. Insert the O6 device into the Steering Wheel Mount.

  • Align the O6 logo on your O6 device with the Braille dots on the Steering Wheel Mount. 


  • The O6 attaches to the Steering Wheel Mount magnetically to facilitate easy removal and portability. However, the O6 device is susceptible to dislodging if your hand collides with it. 

  1. Fit the Steering Wheel Mount grip onto the steering wheel.

  • The Steering Wheel Mount has a flexible clamp, so do not hesitate to apply pressure. It is designed to grip the steering wheel tightly to resist accidental movement. The mount also has a rotating mid joint to adjust for comfort.

  • Clamp to your car's steering wheel. It can be attached to various positions for comfort.

  • Use your thumb on the side of the dial to rotate the O6 bezel.

Clip Mount

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To securely mount your O6 on your Clip Mount:

  • Align the O6 logo on your device at a slight angle to the Pocket Clip.

  • Twist clockwise 90 degrees to lock the O6 into the groove on the Clip Mount.

  • You can also use your O6 on the go by wearing it on your pocket, belt, messenger bag strap, or seat belt using the clip mount.