Activating Siri for Voice Commands

You can use Siri to open any app, including the O6 App, and to respond to emails or send messages.

Press and hold the Ring button to activate Siri.

Tip: Even though you can use Siri to switch between apps, you might need to tap the Play/Pause button on your phone once to bring playback control to the foreground.

Important: Due to compliance issues with Apple iOS version 10, we’re proactively working to restore the Siri functionality using O6. A software update on O6 temporarily disables Siri functionality until the issue is resolved by Apple. If however Siri is enabled, in some situations, after activating Siri using the O6, the iPhone stops responding to O6. You have to unpair and repair O6 to resume normal operations. We are actively working with Apple to resolve this issue.