Performing Actions using O6

Actions are a powerful feature of the O6 experience. When you receive a text or email message, you may need to respond quickly, for example, to reply Yes or No, or to take a specific action like getting directions to a new address. Such interactions typically require you to look at your phone, type, and open and switch between apps. This is inconvenient and dangerous while driving or commuting.

With O6, there is no need to touch, type, or even look at your screen. Simply turn your O6 dial and the device will scroll through and narrate possible action options aloud until you select one of them by clicking the Center button. 

Actions enable you to:

  • Respond to messages (texts, emails) with a choice of predetermined responses. O6 uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze the content of you message and present the most likely responses to choose from. 

  • Take actions on social posts.  You can easily Retweet, Like, or even convert a weblink to audio – all without ever even glancing at your phone’s screen

  • Answer/make phone calls.  O6 automatically extracts names and phone numbers from a message, enabling you to make a phone call as one of the predetermined action options. 

  • Get directions using your favorite maps app. O6 extracts addresses from messages, allowing you to automatically navigate to important locations via commonly-used map apps (e.g., Google or Apple Maps). 

The range of actions keeps on expanding!

Overview of how Actions Work

With O6, you can listen to a message — “eyes free”. But how do you respond without looking at or touching your phone? How do you start your maps application and get navigation directions to the new address, without even looking at the phone?

To answer these questions, consider a scenario where O6 is reading a message aloud and you decide that you would like to perform an action. You can do this by doing the following:

  1. Press the Action button on your O6. 

  2. O6 presents a list of the most-likely actions based on your message content. 

  3. Scroll through the list of actions by turning the bezel dial.  O6 narrates each action as you scroll. 

  4. Press the Center button to select an action and O6 will perform it, for example sending a message or starting the maps app with the navigation directions.

Actions reduce complex interactions involving multiple apps, typing, and unnecessary steps to simple interactions!