Pocket Channel

Have you ever come across an important web page but didn't have time to read it? Do you have a reading list that is constantly growing?

Pocket has been added as the newest channel in the O6 App. Pocket is great for saving web articles to read later. And now with O6 you can listen to your articles while you are on the go. More info can be found here: https://getpocket.com/

To set up Pocket with your O6:

  • Create a Pocket account easily and for free at https://getpocket.com/

  • Install the Pocket Desktop Browser Extension. This gives you a button to instantly save your current web page into your Pocket.

  • Install the Pocket App on your phone.
    This will let you save articles from your phone’s web browser or apps like Flipboard, News, Pulse, Zite and many, many more (see https://getpocket.com/)
  • Listen in the O6 App, or, once you have saved some articles, open the O6 app, and listen to them whenever you like