O6 Modes

O6 is a versatile controller that contains many modes, for example:

  • Basic Mode – This is the default mode that will be active on receiving your O6. It is used to control your music and media apps, including the O6 app. 

  • Advanced Mode – This is used for control of your entire iPhone experience using iOS VoiceOver. You can learn more about that in the Basic mode section.

You can switch between modes by pressing and holding the center button for 5 seconds. A haptic feedback buzz indicates the mode you are in:

  • A single haptic buzz – indicates you have entered the Basic Mode.

  • Double haptic buzz –  indicates you have entered the Advanced Mode.

Tip: O6 consists of different modes, and the transition into these different modes is indicated by unique haptic (vibration) buzzes. If your O6 is not behaving as expected, please change modes to check whether you are in the correct mode.