Smart Response Mode

O6 provides a convenient way to answer phone calls, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, and WeChat calls; turn off an alarm; or remotely act on similar notifications.

O6 automatically switches to Smart Response Mode during an incoming notification and remains in that mode until the notification disappears. 

In Smart Response Mode, you can:

  • Respond Yes / Accept the call – single-click the Center button.

  • Respond No / Decline the call – single-click the Ring button.

For instance, during an incoming phone call (or video call such as Skype or Facetime), you can press the Center button to answer the phone call or press the Ring button to decline the call.

Tip: O6 supports a versatile haptic (vibration motor) that can play over 200 haptic effects. The device vibrates discreetly to alert you of an incoming notification.