O6 Device Overview

Watch the O6 Device Basic Functions video on YouTube for a demonstration of how the O6 works. 

Your O6 lets you choose channels “eyes-free” through speech feedback. In addition, it has a multi-functional bezel dial and two tactile buttons:

  • Center button

  • Ring button – The donut shaped button around the Center button. It is one uniform button and it performs the same action no matter where you press on the ring. This hallmark design results in its orientation independence.


  • Bezel button / dial – The thin peripheral metal dial is called the Bezel dial. This dial also acts as a button, though in most of the O6 modes, the Ring and Bezel buttons are programmed to perform the same function. Their functionality can be separated in the advanced modes (more on this later). 

As a dial, it is used to scroll through lists, such as menu items or emails.


These controls can be used in multiple ways to achieve a range of functionality:

  • Single-click the Center button – Play/Pause music, select a Menu item in the O6 App, or Play/Pause a content item, such as an email, in the O6 App. 

  • Double-click the Center button – Brings up Actions in the O6 App. 

  • Single-click the Ring button or Bezel dial – Takes you back to the Main menu in the O6 app, allows you to escape or exit the Actions menu in the O6 App, or takes you to your Favorites in Sonos.

  • Press and hold the Center button – O6 contains many modes (detailed in a later sections). Press and hold the Center button to switch between modes. Haptic buzzes indicate mode transitions. O6 modes include the Advanced App Navigation mode, Gesture mode, and more.