Using the O6 App without the O6 Device

The O6 App is much easier, safer, and more fun to use with your O6 device. The O6 device allows complete control of the app without touching your phone. This includes going to the menu, switching channels, and taking actions. 

However, if you do not have the O6 device with you, you can use one of these alternative controls to use the O6 app: 

  • “Old School” tapping: Open the O6 App and tap away. 

  • Audio Headset: Headsets usually have controls to play/pause (single-click), skip to next track (double-click) or previous track (triple-click). 

  • Bluetooth Headphones: Most Bluetooth headphones have dedicated buttons for play/pause, previous, and next. 

  • Lock Screen Control Center: After you start O6, you can lock your phone and the “iOS Control Center” will show up on your lock screen. 

  • iOS Control Center: Swipe up from just about anywhere in iOS to access controls for Play/Pause, Next, and Previous. This is great for when you are busy using another app, say Pokemon GO, so you can use O6 in the background. 

  • Car steering wheel: If your car has controls on the steering wheel, you should be able to use Next, Track, and Previous Track buttons to navigate the app. Play/Pause may be on your dashboard, but that should also work. 

Note: Check your car manual if you need help connecting your phone to your car’s sound system.