Super Mode

To enable the Super mode on your O6, triple-click the HOME button on your iPhone to first enable the Advanced mode. When you bring the O6 app to the foreground  O6 App with the O6 device is connected to your iPhone, your O6 automatically switches to Advanced mode.

Once you have enabled the Advanced App mode, you can:

  • Press and hold the Ring button to switch to the Advanced Fine Navigation mode, indicated by a triple haptic buzz. 

  • Press and hold the Ring button again for 2 seconds to switch back to the Advanced App Navigation mode. The transition back is indicated by a double haptic buzz.

Actions and their results in Advanced Fine Navigation mode


1. Single-click the Bezel button

2. Double-click the Bezel button

3. Tripe-click the Bezel button

4. Press and hold the Bezel button for 2 seconds

5. Single-click the Center button


6. Double-click the Center button


7. Triple-click the Center        button

8. Press and hold the Center button for 2 seconds


9. Press and hold the Center button for 5 seconds

10. Single-click the bezel dial clockwise

11. Single-click the bezel dial counter-clockwise


1. Select Next item on Rotor setting

2. Toggle Quick Nav on or off

3. Change to Next Horizontal screen

4. Switch back to Advanced App Navigation mode

5. Change to Previous                      (Counter-clockwise) Rotor Setting.


6. Implement the context sensitive most intended function, such as play/pause music, answer call, take picture, and more

7. Go to Status Bar

8. Switch mode from Advanced App Navigation mode to Fine Navigation            mode.


9. Turns Bluetooth Off. Press any button to wake O6 and reconnect.

10. Select next item (or increase value) as specified by Rotor Setting.

11. Select previous item (or increase value) as specified by Rotor Setting.