Basic Mode

You can use O6 to remotely control your favorite music or media apps, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Podcasts, Audible, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, and more. The default mode in O6 is called the Basic Mode, which is used to control Music, Podcasts, and the O6 App. 

Open any media app, such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Podcasts, Audible, or similar and explore the functionality listed


  1. Toggles Play/Pause for the media.

  2. switches to the next track. Counter-clockwise switches to the previous track.

  3. Switches the O6 dial to control the volume. The transition to volume mode is indicated by a ramp-up haptic buzz and the dial can then be used to adjust the volume. 

    Switch O6 back to Basic Mode by triple-clicking the Ring button again.


  1. Single-click the Center button

  2. Turn the BEZEL dial one click clockwise

  3. Triple-click the Ring button

Tip: Each subtle tactile and audio click results in one action, such as switching a track or increasing the volume.
Tip: In the middle of a song, a single click counter-clockwise of the bezel dial takes you to the beginning of the song, and another immediate single click in a counter-clockwise direction takes you the start of the previous song.

Tip: In most Podcast apps (e.g., Downcast) or Audiobook apps (e.g., Audible), each click of the bezel dial (clockwise or counter-clockwise) lets you move ahead or back by 30 seconds, allowing you to easily rewind or fast forward through your audio content.