Advanced Mode

Advanced Mode is a powerful mode for remotely controlling any of your existing apps with or without visual attention. This mode is intended for more advanced users and leverages the iOS VoiceOver screenreader feature. 

Tip: Before you use this powerful feature in your car, or in any other setting, please practice at home!


  • Advanced Mode

This is the default mode in Advanced mode. This mode replaces all touchscreen gestures with an intuitive remote control using O6. Use this mode to navigate between apps, open apps, go back to Home screen, switch between apps, and listen to apps—all without touching the screen.

  • Media & Settings Mode

Use this mode to control media and adjust settings such as speech rate, pitch, or navigate by alphabets, characters or words.

Enabling the VoiceOver shortcut on your iPhone

Before you can use these modes, you need configure iOS VoiceOver as follows:

  1. Tap Settings on your iPhone home screen.

  2. In Settings, navigate to General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut 

  3. In Accessibility Shortcut, under TRIPLE-CLICK THE HOME BUTTON FOR:, tap VoiceOver.

Turning VoiceOver on and off

To turn VoiceOver on or off, you can either:

  • Triple-click your iPhone Home button. 

  • Triple-click the Ring button on your O6 device when it is in Advanced mode.

Tip: In this mode, normal touchscreen interaction is disabled. You must turn Off VoiceOver on your phone to resume normal touchscreen gestures.

Perform the following actions to quickly get started:

  • Rotate your dial to change focus on apps on your screen. An outline shows the currently focused item on screen. Speech feedback describes the item in focus for eyes free navigation.

  • Click the Center button on your O6 device to open an app or activate an item.

  • Click the Ring button on your O6 device to go to HOME.

  • Double-click the Center button on your O6 device to perform the most-intended function in any app, such as Play/Pause music or the O6 app on the home screen, take pictures in camera app, or Play/Pause music in your music app.

Tip: Please ignore the on-screen voice feedback to double-tap to open item. That instruction is only for touchscreen gestures and not for using the O6 device.

Please refer to this link or up to date information on Advanced mode functions.