Volume Mode

The bezel dial is normally used for changing tracks. However, if you triple-click the Ring button, your O6 switches to Volume Mode. A ramp-up haptic buzz indicates this transition into the Volume Mode. 

In Volume Mode, you can: 

  • Increase the volume – turn the bezel dial clockwise to increase the volume

  • Decrease the volume – turn the dial counter-clockwise to decrease the volume. 

  • Revert to Basic Mode (where you can use the bezel dial to switch between tracks) – Triple-click the Ring button again. A single haptic Buzz indicates the transition to this default mode.

Tip: Each subtle tactile click performs an action, e.g., increasing or decreasing the volume by one level.

Tip: O6 consists of different modes, and the transition into these different modes is indicated by unique haptic (Vibration) buzzes. If your O6 is not behaving as expected, please change modes to check whether you are in the correct mode.