Future Developments

  • The Email channel is currently limited to Gmail. We will add support for additional accounts soon.

  • The iPhone’s on-screen virtual keyboard disappears when O6 is connected. You can show (or hide) the virtual keyboard by triple-clicking the Center button. The text field needs to be in focus to activate this setting. Alternatively, you can turn Bluetooth Off on the iPhone or press and hold the Center button to turn O6 off. Either of these steps result in the virtual keyboard showing onscreen.

  • In some situations, after activating Siri using the O6, the iPhone stops responding to O6. You have to unpair and repair 

  • There is sometimes an issue where the firmware update does not start, even though the O6 device is connected. To resolve this issue, please press the iPhone’s Home button and then bring the O6 App to the foreground again.

  • While the O6 app supports over 27 international languages, the app itself is not internationally localized. That means that while the content will be adapted to and narrated in the languages you configure, the O6 App Main menu will remain in English.