Updating O6 Firmware

You can check whether your O6 is up-to-date at any time by going to the Settings channel of your O6 app. If the settings display the O6 device as having a newer version of firmware available, please go ahead and update it. The update process takes a few minutes, and the O6 device buzzes continuously after the update is complete. 

You must unpair and pair the O6 device under your phone’s Bluetooth settings after your update is complete.

Tip: The O6 needs to be connected via Bluetooth to your iPhone for the O6 App to correctly display whether a firmware update is available and for the O6 App to complete the firmware update.

Tip: There is sometimes an issue when the firmware update does not start, even though the O6 device is connected. To resolve this issue, please press the HOME button and then bring the O6 App to the foreground again.